Hello World!

So, turns out there’s nothing more awkward than writing your first blog post. Where do I begin? Do I just start writing? Is anyone even going to read this? I feel this pressure to make it like amazingly profound or hilarious or something. As if I’m going to change the world with my one measly blog post. I actually almost started this post with a meme of Mrs. Doubtfire saying “Heeelllloooo!” with her (his?) face covered in icing. Yeah. Clearly I’m new to the blogging world. So what I’m going to do instead is simply introduce you to my blog and what it’s here for. And then, just maybe you’ll come visit again, and then tell a friend about it, who will tell a friend about it, and then maybe eventually, I’ll have ten followers, and then twenty, and then a hundred, and then..who knows?! And let’s be honest, I’m hoping I can keep up with the commitment. Not really like I need another thing to do in my life, but this blog has been on my heart for a while (and I’ve been paying for the domain for a couple years, and so, what the heck, might as well quit wasting my money).

Alrighty so here goes. I’ve been feeling for a long time that I would like a place more suited to sharing my thoughts and ideas than Facebook and Instagram. I know I personally struggled early on in my twenties, but now that I am almost thirty (GAH!), I think I can officially say I’ve come out on the other side. I can now look back over the past nine years and see how God was refining me in the fire, and so my hope is to use my experiences to help other women get better at this whole adulting thing.

One thing I’ve actually enjoyed about being an adult, is getting to play around with my finances. Early on, it was definitely stressful, but my husband and I worked hard to be smart with our money, and now, each time we hit a goal, we get super proud of ourselves (and I do a little dance, and he makes fun of me). We have a few unconventional approaches to money, and I am a clearance rack, look-for-a-bargain-anywhere-I-can, kind of girl, so another thing I’ve been wanting to do with this blog is help other people get better at being frugal, too.

What I don’t want this blog to do is add to the pressure to be “Pinterest-perfect.” I have struggled with all the perfection I’ve seen on the blogs I follow and on my Pinterest and Instagram feeds, and so the last thing I want to do is contribute to that. My blog will not have flawlessly-styled photos because, let’s be honest, who has time for that. I will not be, at least for a long while, adhering to a strict posting schedule (hello, full-time job and two side businesses). My Instagram feed does not portray a beautiful, mess-free life, but rather photos taken in poor light and edited on the fly with the “Lark” filter. My life is crazy busy. My house is small, and more often than not there are crumbs on the floor, papers strewn about my desk, cardboard boxes waiting by the door to be taken out to the recycling bin, and unfinished projects all over the place. Currently, we are going on month four of having two waist-high stacks of laminate flooring hanging out in the upstairs hallway. My life is not perfect. Sometimes, it’s a complete disaster. And my mind is even more of a mess, so honestly, I just hope I can make these blog posts sound somewhat coherent. But that’s really the point, isn’t it? We are all wonderfully made by our loving and gracious God, and we get to live, and love, and share, and create in this crazy, messy, oh-so-beautiful world. But we are not called to be perfect. Thank goodness.

And aside from all of that, I just wanted a fun place to document my life, and share ideas with other creative folks. So here are the categories for the types of posts you will find here:

  • DIY Test Lab: These posts will be where I share with you things I have tried that I’ve found online (mostly on Pinterest) and how they’ve either been a FAIL or a WIN. Recipes, crafts, life hacks, whatever!
  • House Tour: I will share with you projects we’ve done around our house, and tips and tutorials to help you do them, too!
  • Just for Fun: Anything goes! No clue what these posts will be!
  • Adulting: Pretty self-explanatory.
  • Reflections: These will be my more serious posts. Anything and everything I think about in this scary mind of mine! I don’t have a husband who really enjoys deep conversation so this will be my outlet for all of my thoughts

Well, that’s all for now. Thank you for stopping by, and I hope you’ll follow along in the future, and invite your friends! And I promise all my posts won’t be this long!

Let’s all be imperfect, but made wonderful, together.

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