Hi all! My name’s Jessica and I’m from Pittsburgh, PA. I’ve come to love this city (except from November – March). My past careers have included stints as a teacher, photographer, and administrative assistant, and I’m currently in the middle of year four as a design assistant for a local interior designer. I’d say I’m a jack of all trades (let’s agree to forget about the second part of that saying), and I dabble in all sorts of creative outlets from home renovations to graphic design, from crafts to my latest adventure–this blog!

I recently married my best friend (cheesy, but true!) in September 2016, & we love fixing up our house together and working on projects. I’ve also been blessed with an incredible church family at Discovery Christian Church, and I hope to extend that family here by encouraging other women and getting to know all of you.

If you have some extra time, check out my photography website here: www.facingnorthphotography.com.

Thanks for visiting!