5 Products I’ve Been Loving

Hey all! So as promised, it’s been a while since I’ve posted, because, well…life. But anyway, I thought I’d share a quick post about some of the products I’ve really been loving lately. This is a completely random list, compiled of five things that have made me think, “Life is better with this. Everyone needs to know!” These are all items I’ve used for a while now, so you can trust that I’ve put them through the ringer. And you should also know that I’ve not been compensated by any of these companies, and that all of these opinions are my own, and that none of the links included in this post are affiliate links, yada, yada, yada. So without further ado…

#1 – Not Your Mother’s Dry Shampoo

I’ve tested pretty much every brand of drug store dry shampoo, and this is my favorite. Let me tell you why. It doesn’t leave white powdery residue on your hair! Hello! Shouldn’t that be one of the requirements of a dry shampoo? Sadly, it is not. I tried Pssssst! Instant Dry Shampoo, and it always, always, always left white powder in my hair. Sorry but I’d rather have dirty hair than gray, powdery hair. I also tried Batiste. Horrible smell people. It made me choke every time I used it, and it was powdery. So then I got the Batiste Hint of Color for brunettes. Nope. Just left a nice dark powder all over my bathroom–and my hair. Not Your Mother’s is the winner by far. It works. Like really well. And it doesn’t get your hair all powdery. And, bonus, it’s under $5. LOVE it! Purchase Here

#2 – TubShroom Drain Hair Catcher

I think I got a Facebook ad for this, and I thought, “Ah! That is so cool! That’s just what we need!” So I bought it. And it was so cool, and just what we needed. The instructions say to clean it out every week or so, but let me tell you, we only get like two days out of it (if that) before water starts backing up. So we empty it just about every other day. You guys! All that hair would have been going down our drain!! That scares the poop out of me! After being in our house for about two years, we started needing to release clogs with Drano. And I know it’s really not the greatest thing to do. I had heard that all Drano does is push clogs further down your pipes (which also scared the poop out of me), so I’d been looking for a way to keep the hair from getting down the drain in the first place. Unfortunately, most of the solutions I tried caused water to fill up in the tub rather than easily flowing down the drain, and they also caused me to stomp my feet  in frustration, thinking there had to be a better way. The TubShroom is that better way. It allows the water to smoothly flow down the drain just like it’s supposed to. And when the water stops going down the drain well, you know it’s time to clean out the hair catcher. In the past, my husband and I both assumed that I was the reason for the clogs. After all, I was the one with super long hair. But I only wash my hair about every three days, and so if it was all me, then we wouldn’t be having to empty it as much as we do. Surprisingly, the TubShroom is always filled with 3″ long hairs from my HUSBAND’S head! So the real culprit has been found out! I had fun after a week or two of using the TubShroom getting to say to Chris, “It wasn’t me, it was youuuuuuu! Mwahahaha.” All in all, it was $13 well spent! Purchase Here

#3 – Madison Reed At Home Hair Color Subscription

I used to get boxed 28-day temporary hair color at the store. Each box was only about $8, but I’m not stupid and figured they were probably not great for my hair. The color was also pretty inconsistent and always seemed to come out darker than indicated on the box. When I heard about Madison Reed, I thought I’d give it a try. Hair color delivered right to my door = one less trip to Wal-Mart, which I lately avoid at all costs, so I crossed my fingers that it would work. And it did! Their dye is not only ammonia-free, but also free of lots of other parabens and chemicals, which you can read about on their website. I like that the color looks natural, and that it doesn’t cause any damage to my hair.

I’ve been using Madison Reed ever since my first box, about every 9 weeks or so. I probably could dye my hair more often, but I’m cheap, so I drag it out. For one tiny stretch of time, I cheated on Madison Reed with eSalon. eSalon gives you a custom formulation for your hair type, and custom color based on what you tell them you want, so I thought it would be cool to try. However, their dye is NOT ammonia free. When I used it, it made my eyes water, made me choke and struggle to breathe, and sometimes made me feel a little weird–like faint or high or something. I am happy to say I am back with Madison Reed. $20 per delivery, which works out to less than $10 per month for me. Awesome. Sign up here

#4 – Youcopia Spice Rack

Just plain organization genius. I have two of the 18-bottle organizers in my pantry, and I love them. Simple as that. Purchase here

#5 – Bogs Alexandria Lace Up Boot

I wore these (brand new) on our honeymoon to the Pacific Northwest, where we walked or hiked all day every day and they did not give me a single blister. They are so comfortable and offer great support. And they really are waterproof. One of the things that made me buy them was the amount of people from Seattle who reviewed them and loved them. And since that’s where I was going, I figured they would work. And they did–love when that happens! Unfortunately they are hard to come by now, but you can get certain sizes on Amazon or other websites. They also have a tall riding boot version with no laces, and other leather styles, too. I don’t typically spend a ton of money on shoes (ton of money = more than $20), but this is one pair that was so worth every penny. Honestly, they could be twice the price and I would still buy them. And can I get an “Amen!” for hiking boots that aren’t hideous?! I get multiple compliments every time I wear these. If I can find them in my size, I’m going to order another pair as a backup. They are that amazing. Some sizes can be purchased here.