On Turning 30


Well. It’s happening. I’m writing this on July 12, 2017 which means I’m turning 30 tomorrow. I tried as best as I could to add more days in between today and tomorrow, and it didn’t work. So alas, I’m resigned to the fact that I am turning the big 3-0. It’s really not just this birthday that’s bothering me. I’ve hated my birthday as long as I can remember. It’s like it’s an in-your-face reminder that your days on this Earth are limited. That you’ve used up one more year. It’s that I only get to do what I’ve done two more times (if I should be that lucky) before I’m dead, so I have this major sense of urgency to do all the cool things, and I better hurry up because there’s not much time. It’s stressful. Morbid. I know. But these are the thoughts that go through my head.

But it’s not all bad. With 30 years under my belt, I’ve become wiser. I’ve seen and done some awesome things. I’m more in charge of my life than ever. I’ve got some financial freedoms. The future is looking pretty darn amazing. And I’ve gotten to the point where I’m not stressing the number. So I thought it would be fun to share a few random thoughts I’ve had over the last few months as this day loomed on the calendar. So here we are.

On Turning 30

  1. No matter how much you didn’t ever want kids, you will all of a sudden enter into “I-need-a-kid-now” mode as soon as you approach turning 30.
  2. You still get pimples.
  3. You still don’t have a clue what you want to be when you grow up.
  4. You can eat ice cream out of the carton whenever you want to.
  5. You gain two pounds if you even think about dessert. (Although, number 4 might also have something to do with that).
  6. You gain two pounds if you exercise.
  7. You pretty much gain two pounds per day and they ain’t never comin’ off.
  8. You still get asked if you’re an intern and where you go to college. (Response: “Um. I’m 30.”)
  9. Kids ask you if you are 16. (Response: “Yes. I love you.”)
  10. You have to check your chin daily for errant hairs.
  11. You feel dumb and out of place in stores like Forever 21 because well…you aren’t 21. (Are they calling that scrap of fabric a skirt?!)
  12. You have no clue who that is singing on the radio. Do kids these days still listen to the radio?
  13. You say “kids these days” all the time.
  14. You literally forget everything. (Monday morning: “Hey, how was your weekend?” “Weekend? What weekend?”)
  15. You watch a movie with characters you think are older than you and then you find out they are turning 25.
  16. You aren’t completely sure if you are still considered a “young adult”.
  17. You have a couple gray hairs, but still no wrinkles. Winning!
  18. When you look through old photos of yourself, you cry because that little girl is all grown up and she has had a great life and has been so loved.
  19. You make lists containing 19 items because you can. You’re 30 for Pete’s sake. You can do what you want! Also, you don’t have the stamina to make it to 20. So there ya go.

And just for fun, please enjoy these photos of me from kindergarten through eighth grade (missing second grade):

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